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If you're planning to be the big winner at Skins, Texas Scramble or Sixes among your golfing buddies this year, factor in time for a few rounds of holiday golf before you place your bets.

Without the pressure of competing for medals, tournaments or high stakes, a round of golf takes on a different dimension. Playing on holiday can allow you to focus on your game, to fine tune its flaws, and to simply enjoy what many took golf up for in the first place - the beautiful views. You will probably come back relaxed and ready to blow away your competition on the home course.

Holiday golf does not have to be an expensive exercise. For example, Thailand has more than 200 golf courses, many in favourite resort areas such as Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket, and Bangkok. You have your pick of settings, from the modern metropolis of the capital to the seaside splendour of the beach destinations.

Their main selling point is the casual approach towards welcoming guests - clubhouses are seldom snobbish and many welcome those without handicap certificates, which allow families to bring along beginners such as their children or friends starting out in the game.

This does not mean the quality of the greens and fairways are unprofessional. Some of the top names in golf, such as Gary Player, Greg Norman and Arnold Palmer, have been involved in course design in the kingdom. The results speak for themselves - challenging, well-tended and scenic courses playable all year. Thanks to Thailand's tropical climate.

While golf has never been considered a family-friendly game, it is on holiday that more of a concession may be made towards the kids. In a relaxed setting, rambunctious children roaming the fairways are less likely to set ones nerves on edge.

Should this scenario still be inconceivable to the serious golfer, there are plenty of non-golfing distractions for the family in the form of shopping malls, delicious restaurants, cultural attractions and even Muay-thai kickboxing classes.

Sunny Holidays' Royal Orchid Holidays golf packages range from one-day golf tours to three-day two-nights' excursions. Clients play courses such as the famous Blue Canyon Country Club in Phuket, Bangkok's challenging Thai Couintry Club and the picturesque Royal Chiang Mai Golf Club.

Being a Thailand and golf specialist, Sunny Holidays can also customise longer golf safaris for die-hard players who want to ensure they get enough practices on holiday to win every single bet they make when they return home.

Get amazing opportunity to explore Bangkok this season with cheap Bangkok holiday packages from Sunny Holidays. We are your go-to destination for the best Bangkok holiday packages stored exclusively for your leisure. Looking to light up your holiday with Bangkok family trip? Sunny Holidays offers unlimited packages to ensure you enjoy a sumptuous night's sleep on your stopover tour.

Discover one of the most popular island resorts and boasts in Phuket with the best Phuket holiday package from Sunny Holidays. Our special holiday packages offer tourists from all over the world opportunities to explore Phuket's natural environment, its fresh & tasty local cuisine, fabulous shopping & luxury holiday resort centres, and indulge in exciting sports activities such as golf, horse riding, diving and so much more.

Experience fascinating visit to numerous historical centres such as temples, mountains and lush hills with the Sunny Holiday’s Chiang Mai holiday package. If you’re passionate about nature, you would cherish everything this amazing city has to offer. Whether you enjoy traveling around the world or you’re just looking for an exciting haven for your next holiday, Chiang Mai is a place you might want to visit considering its beautiful culture, historical events and celebrations.

Browse to experience the old world charm of Hua Hin with cheap Hua Hin holiday packages from Sunny Holidays. One of the most exciting things about the city is its modern facilities and beautiful attractions surrounding the city. Give your family a memorable trip to see the traditional Thai temples and wonderful beaches for fun time and relaxation.

Take a fun family trip on Vietnam holiday from Singapore and roam around the pagodas and Buddhist monasteries as you wander through the Quarter of Hanoi, kayak on the Halong Bay. Sunny Holidays offers the most affordable Vietnam tour packages from Singapore for a lifetime experience. We love to help you make the most of your holidays with our exclusive holiday packages to make your vacation unforgettable.

Book your Maldives tour and get exclusive Maldives holiday packages from Sunny Holidays at the most competitive rates. We are committed to ensuring your dream Maldives tour comes true to leave you blushing with that memorable experience. Imagine experiencing the Kanifushi a fabulous and fun atmosphere for families, the bright white sands and those gorgeous lagoons, Maldives is just a place to be.

Get great deals when you book your Cambodia holiday from Singapore. Are you embarking on a leisure or a family bonding trip to Cambodia? You can enjoy the best Cambodia holiday package from Singapore with Sunny Holidays. We understand how exciting it is spending your holidays with a walk amongst the 216 carved stone faces at Bayon and a wacky ride on the Bamboo train. These experiences are worth every bit of your time.

Customise all these with Royal Orchid Holidays, available in Singapore through Sunny Holidays.

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Make it a Dream Experience

HASSLE-free and a hop-skip-and jump away, Thailand is the perfect little escapade for the busy Singaporean. Good food, good spas, good golf and good weather... all just hours away. It seems so easy to get to and easy to book. If you want to make a dream experience of your holiday, an expert touch can truly enhance the level of enjoyment. In our busy schedules, it pays to make every minute counts.

Get the Expert

On the subject of making your Thai holiday a dream experience, there is no other expert than Royal Orchid Holidays, which can be booked in Singapore through Sunny Holidays. A long partnership between the two has made Sunny synonymous now with luxury tours to Thailand and golfing holidays.

Worldwide Connections

Yet, it has a much wider range of services than just that. The Royal Orchid Holidays umbrella unfolds to reveal holiday spots around the world. Best of all, it offers Self Planning at group prices.

Who is Royal Orchid Holidays ?

Royal Orchid Holidays is a very premium travel branding which has been around for decades. It is run in conjunction with Thai Airways International as it was started by the airline to service its customers. From the very start, it sought to provide a high level of flexibility, which was possible with its large route network. It is not just about Thailand - it is a worldwide offering.

What is the Difference, the Promise Behind the Brand ?

Everything is guaranteed and they partner large inbound operators in the international destinations in THAI's network.

SUNNY HOLIDAYS specialises in customising tours and offering a high level of professional consultation. Every one of the agency's tour consultants is a graduate in Tourism Management.

Nowadays, travellers are seeking special and unique experiences. Royal Orchid Holidays' tour offerings have also expanded to include sporting and special-interest travel, health or gourmet visits, and even homestays and wellness programmes. These experiences can be notoriously hard to arrange in such a way that time is maximised and quality assured, all the more reason to book with an established operator.

Exclusivity is in Your Reach

For example, some of Thailand's most desirable golf courses are members-only in terms of access. If you join the Royal Orchid Holidays packages, you can play at a club such as the exclusive Thai Country Club in Bangkok. They can arrange for golfers to have their game while their partners indulge in a spa elsewhere. Golfers and their partners will be brought back together seamlessly in the evening or afternoon for other activities. It's what everyone wants as hassle free holiday, maximising his or her enjoyment. But imagine having to deal with the logistics of transport, equipment, timing and all that yourself. Leaving it to the expert, who have the volume to provide the service at value-for -money prices, has to be the best course of action.

Weddings and Large Group Parties

Royal Orchid Holidays can cater from solo travellers to large groups. Even wedding parties - Thai Lanna-style or even underwater weddings in Trang - can be arranged.

With all that going for you, what are you waiting for?

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ROYAL ORCHID HOLIDAYS - A World of great experiences waiting for you!

Royal Orchid Holidays is a Premium Travel Brand that has been around for decades. Together with Sunny Holidays, we offer the widest varieties of mix and match itineraries to over 30 countries.

We provide the network for clients who want to break away from the traditional itineraries to see or do what you want at your own pace with the comforting knowledge that wherever you go, we'll be there to give you our full support on the ground.

So forget about holidays that tie you down. Visit us at Marina Square or talk to us at 6767 6868 to discover more about our unique ideas and explore the endless possibilities of a vacation made just for you.

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